Heap CRM QuickSilver Scripts

We have seven pre-built scripts to perform actions from QuickSilver:

  1. Create an Event
  2. Create a Person
  3. Create a Lead
  4. Create an Opportunity
  5. Create a Customer
  6. Create an Archive
  7. Create a Message

Create an Event
Ok, so you want to create an event from QuickSilver. You could do something like this:
Create an Event in Heap with QuickSilver
Of course, you could type something like "7/15/07:My Title:My Location" if you don't want to specify a description. Or, you could type "7/15/07:My Title" if you just wanted to specify a date and title. you could even type "My Title" and the script would assume the event is on today.

Create a Person
How about a person? You could just type something like this:
Create a Person in Heap with QuickSilver
But you could also type something like "Full Name - Company:Phone:Mobile", "Full Name - Company:Phone", or "Full Name - Company".

Create a Lead
You can also create a lead:
Create a Lead in Heap with QuickSilver
Just like the person script, you can specify any number of fields from just their name clear up to the five you see in the above image. Creating opportunities, customers and archives works identically.

Create a Message
Create a Message in Heap with QuickSilver
Ok, if you don't want to specify a title, you can just type the message body.

Each script has a section near the top that looks like this:
QuickSilver Script Code
You need to modify the black text to match your login email, password, and your sub-domain. Your sub-domain is the first group of letters before the period in your heap address. So for instance if you logged into heap at "http://creativearc.crmondemand.biz/" your sub-domain would be "creativearc". Now you need to copy the modified scripts to "~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions". You might have to create the "Actions" folder.

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