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The Heap CRM Google Gadget

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

With the Heap Gadget you can search your CRM for messages, events, leads, opportunities, customers and contacts (people); as well as be informed of recent activity without ever leaving your start page or iGoogle.

Add to Google

Just like the Mac OS X Widget, the Heap CRM Gadget initially shows you the most recent items, but once you start searching you get access to all the data in your account.

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Text Smarts

Friday, July 13th, 2007

So, everyone knows any text area in Heap CRM can include images, hyperlinks, formatting and a lot more using the formating guide. But did you know that in addition to automatically identifying phone, e-mail and web addresses, Heap can recognize FedEx and UPS tracking numbers? Or, recognize usernames for AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Yahoo! Messenger or Skype? Let's see this in action. Below is a typical e-mail:

Welcome Kit E-Mail: Demo for AIM, Yahoo, Skype and Tracking Numbers

If you click on the tracking number it takes you to UPS' tracking details. Clicking either the Yahoo! or AIM links will open a new chat. And, of course, clicking on the Skype link will make a call.

Quickly forward your E-Mail into Heap CRM with Act-On

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Often times with support requests I get asked how to forward email into Heap CRM more quickly. Well on the Mac the answer is Mail Act-On. Here is my setup:
Act-On Mail HUD

So, when I hit my trigger key (in my case the "~"), the above menu pops up and I can hit "c" (for instance) if I want to forward it to Heap and have it automatically be placed in the category "Custom Software." Or I can hit "s" if the e-mail is a support issue, etc.

Remember, Heap will automatically associate it to the correct lead, opportunity, customer or archive, and none of this categorization does anything to change that.

So, how does this work? Let's take a gander at my mail rules:
Mail Rules

Ok, Act-On works on the concept of defining a letter then a "|" followed by a description. I would recommend you use the sample entries and just duplicate them. Let's edit the "Forward to Heap (Category:Custom Software)" rule.
Edit Rule

Alright, you see from the perform menu, I've selected "Forward Message" and I've told it to forward to Remember to substitute your Heap sub-domain where I have "wbp". But if I just do that, the message will get into Heap and it will auto associate with the correct lead, opportunity, customer and archive; but it won't be placed in a category. The fix: click on the "Message..." button.
Edit Message

Ok, as you can I placed a little note in here that will automatically prepend to the message. Again, in your case put the name of the category you want to put the message in, in place of "custom software". Also, make sure that you create one of these rules without any message text, so you can tell Heap to do the default action: place the message in no category at all.

New Heap Features: Overdue Events, Exporting Search Results, Complete RSS / iCal

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

We've added a bunch of stuff to Heap recently. Let's dive in:

Overdue Events
Dashboard Overdue Events
This is a new option on the dashboard. From here you can see events and tasks you haven't completed. You can complete the event, go the lead, opportunity, customer or archive it's associated to or go to the calendar and month it's on.

Export Search Results
Export Search Results
You can now export search results. When you are exporting leads, opportunities, customers, archives and people you can export CSVs or vCards. But where it gets really cool is when you export messages or calendar events. When you export messages, you are actually subscribing to a special RSS feed. Which means that it is effectively a live export. As the search results change (from people adding/editing messages) the RSS feed changes with it. Same deal with the iCalendar export (for events).

Complete RSS / iCal
We have lots of RSS feeds and iCalendar subscriptions available in Heap. Sometimes, you want something really fine tuned, sometimes not so much. Complete RSS allows you to subscribe to every message associated to a lead, opportunity, customer, or archive where you are one of the managing users. Effectively it allows you to subscribe to all messages that have anything to do with one of the prospects that your involved with. Complete iCal allows you subscribe to every event that is associated to a lead, opportunity, customer, or archive that you are one of the managing users. Compete RSS and iCal can be found on the bottom of your dashboard.

Heap CRM QuickSilver Scripts

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

We have seven pre-built scripts to perform actions from QuickSilver:

  1. Create an Event
  2. Create a Person
  3. Create a Lead
  4. Create an Opportunity
  5. Create a Customer
  6. Create an Archive
  7. Create a Message

Create an Event
Ok, so you want to create an event from QuickSilver. You could do something like this:
Create an Event in Heap with QuickSilver
Of course, you could type something like "7/15/07:My Title:My Location" if you don't want to specify a description. Or, you could type "7/15/07:My Title" if you just wanted to specify a date and title. you could even type "My Title" and the script would assume the event is on today.

Create a Person
How about a person? You could just type something like this:
Create a Person in Heap with QuickSilver
But you could also type something like "Full Name - Company:Phone:Mobile", "Full Name - Company:Phone", or "Full Name - Company".

Create a Lead
You can also create a lead:
Create a Lead in Heap with QuickSilver
Just like the person script, you can specify any number of fields from just their name clear up to the five you see in the above image. Creating opportunities, customers and archives works identically.

Create a Message
Create a Message in Heap with QuickSilver
Ok, if you don't want to specify a title, you can just type the message body.

Each script has a section near the top that looks like this:
QuickSilver Script Code
You need to modify the black text to match your login email, password, and your sub-domain. Your sub-domain is the first group of letters before the period in your heap address. So for instance if you logged into heap at "" your sub-domain would be "creativearc". Now you need to copy the modified scripts to "~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions". You might have to create the "Actions" folder.

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The New Person Page

Saturday, July 7th, 2007
Heap CRM
  1. Company Drawer: Need to quickly find someone else at this company? Just click on this button. Instantly a drawer with other members of the company scrolls down
  2. Show Messages: Sometimes a single person is multiple leads, opportunities, customers and archives. When this happens it use to be difficult to see all messages related to a single person because they were spread out through multiple areas. Now you can just click this button and get every message associated to the person regardless of how many leads, opportunities, customers and archives that may be spread across.
  3. Export: Just like the new "show messages" feature, you can now subscribe to all messages and calendar events associated to this person regardless of how many leads, opportunities, customers and archives that may be spread across.
  4. Show Messages (Related Person): Just like the main "show messages" feature, this button allows you to see all messages of leads, opportunities, customers and archives that this person is related to.