Enhanced Calendar Display / Related Person Note / “Sounds Like” Searching

Heap just got a number of new enhancements:

Enhanced Calendar Display
To help you speed up the process of scanning your calendar, there is now a small person icon next to each event that is associated to a lead, opportunity, customer or archive. When you place you mouse over the icon it tells you the name of the association; if you click on it it, it takes you to the associated page. Try it out, it makes scanning your calendar a lot faster.

Related Person Note
Sometimes you want to write a note about how someone is related. Now you have an option when you are relating a person to "write a note." Just click on the button and you can write as much about the relationship to the lead, opportunity, customer or archive as you want.

"Sounds Like" Searching
What if you just can't find something using search. Well, maybe try using the new "sounds like" searching feature. Once you use the search feature, at the bottom of the results you will see the phrase "search for people that sound like " and your search phrase. Give it a try, it might help you out the next time you can't find something.

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