Affiliates Program / API / New Mac OS X Widget

We have some new features to announce. Let's dive in:

Affiliates Program
We really appreciate the great response we have received from many of you on your blogs/websites. We know even more of you have recommended us by e-mail and general word of mouth. Well, now we are going to give you credit. Instead of referring people to just refer them to instead. Then if they decide to sign-up you will receive a credit for half of the first months revenue. You can always check how much you have earned (and see some example buttons) by going to Settings->Affiliate Program in your Heap account.

API (Application Programming Interface)
With an API and some basic programming skills you can integrate your website or other application with Heap.

We've always had an API, but it hasn't been particularly well documented. To our amazement, that hasn't stopped many of you. By deconstructing our widgets and a limited amount of help from us, you have figured it out all on your own. We're impressed.

We have simplified the API (don't worry the old calls still work) and documented it at So, integrate away, I'm sure we'll be amazed by your creativity.

New Mac OS X Widget
Our new OS X widget is greatly improved over the original, including the ability to add events, messages, people, leads, opportunities and customers directly from your desktop. Download the upgrade here.

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