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Heap CRM on the iPhone – Screenshots

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

For the first time Heap CRM and the iPhone provide a way for mobile business user to use a simple CRM from anywhere. We're so excited by the iPhone launch and we just wanted to show off a bit of the "customized for iPhone" interface.


Message List View / QuickView / Improved Add by E-Mail / Better Documentation

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

We just released a number of enhancements into Heap CRM:

  • The much requested "list view" is now in the message section. So with just a click you can fly through your messages at record speed.
  • "QuickView" allows you view images in place on a message without opening the image or popping up a window.
  • With the improved add by e-mail, you not only can create Leads, Opportunities, Customers and Archives directly from e-mail, but you can fill in other information such as e-mail and phone number. We have more info here.
  • Whether you are trying to find a way to auto associate a message or you are confused on how to search by e-mail, the new e-mail documentation is the answer.

By Popular Demand the Full Quality Heap Commercial

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Some of you have requested the full quality version of the commercial for Heap CRM we have been running on Google's network. Well, here it be:

Windows Media or QuickTime

Heap CRM Has Special iPhone Design

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

We have implemented a special design for those who use Heap on an iPhone. It's really simple, just browse to your Heap URL with your iPhone, and Heap detects your browser and reformats the screen to fit. Even clicking on phone numbers and emails work.

E-Mail Search in Heap

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

We just launched a great new feature in Heap: E-Mail searching.

Let's say you are having dinner with a client. He is telling you that he had a conversation with Jake, one of your employees, but he doesn't remember if the issue was resolved. You can quickly whip out your cell phone and send an email to and type in your search phrase into the subject line. In a couple of minutes you will get an email response every lead, opportunity, customer, archive, person and message that matches that search phrase.

Enhanced Calendar Display / Related Person Note / “Sounds Like” Searching

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Heap just got a number of new enhancements:

Enhanced Calendar Display
To help you speed up the process of scanning your calendar, there is now a small person icon next to each event that is associated to a lead, opportunity, customer or archive. When you place you mouse over the icon it tells you the name of the association; if you click on it it, it takes you to the associated page. Try it out, it makes scanning your calendar a lot faster.

Related Person Note
Sometimes you want to write a note about how someone is related. Now you have an option when you are relating a person to "write a note." Just click on the button and you can write as much about the relationship to the lead, opportunity, customer or archive as you want.

"Sounds Like" Searching
What if you just can't find something using search. Well, maybe try using the new "sounds like" searching feature. Once you use the search feature, at the bottom of the results you will see the phrase "search for people that sound like " and your search phrase. Give it a try, it might help you out the next time you can't find something.

Affiliates Program / API / New Mac OS X Widget

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

We have some new features to announce. Let's dive in:

Affiliates Program
We really appreciate the great response we have received from many of you on your blogs/websites. We know even more of you have recommended us by e-mail and general word of mouth. Well, now we are going to give you credit. Instead of referring people to just refer them to instead. Then if they decide to sign-up you will receive a credit for half of the first months revenue. You can always check how much you have earned (and see some example buttons) by going to Settings->Affiliate Program in your Heap account.

API (Application Programming Interface)
With an API and some basic programming skills you can integrate your website or other application with Heap.

We've always had an API, but it hasn't been particularly well documented. To our amazement, that hasn't stopped many of you. By deconstructing our widgets and a limited amount of help from us, you have figured it out all on your own. We're impressed.

We have simplified the API (don't worry the old calls still work) and documented it at So, integrate away, I'm sure we'll be amazed by your creativity.

New Mac OS X Widget
Our new OS X widget is greatly improved over the original, including the ability to add events, messages, people, leads, opportunities and customers directly from your desktop. Download the upgrade here.