Heap Update Time!

Yes, we have even more useful features and you can take a look at them in this movie. But I want to highlight a few.

First we are releasing a new concept with RSS and iCalendar: Relationship subscriptions. So you've always been able to subscribe to everything or to a particular calendar or particular category. And you still can. But you can now subscribe to messages and calendars based on what they are related to. So let's say I have a bunch of leads, opportunities or customers that I'm responsible for. It's my job to get them to the next stage in the sales process. Well I can subscribe to an RSS feed and be alerted of any new message that relates to one of those prospects. Same thing with events. I can subscribe in iCal (or Outlook 2007 and others) and see every event that relates to one of my prospects.

Secondly, we have new way of monitoring people who are involved in the sales process but aren't actually the prospect. From any person you can see a list of every lead, opportunity, customer or archive that they are involved in. Think about how easy it will be when Jeff the banker calls to know which closing he wants to talk about.

There's more new features to see, including drag and drop calendars, checking off events and running event templates any time you want.

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