Heap’s place in the CRM Universe

Heap is primarily for small business, the market neglected by large CRM software companies. This results in a few assumptions about our customers:

  • You trust your users (employees)
  • You would prefer simplicity over complexity
  • You may need this product on a variety of computer systems (small businesses tend to have more heterogeneous environments)

If you don't trust your users, you should look at NetSuite. If you need a seemingly endless number of features, you should look at SalesForce.

Heap will never lock an user out of the majority of the application and it will never have as many knobs to twist as SalesForce. While we are always refining Heap, there are some core principals that we will never violate. If this sounds like software that would help your company, then welcome to the Heap CRM platform, let's have a look around.

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