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Exciting New E-Mail Features

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

I'm extremely excited to announce a number of new features designed to make Heap more productive and more useful. I think at least one item will get you very excite.

Send (or Forward) your E-Mail to Heap
So let's say you're a real estate agent. You receive an email from Tom (an appraiser) about the Johnson house that you just placed in your inventory. You quickly forward Tom's email to Heap and it associates itself to the Johnson opportunity; you then CC Heap on your reply and it attaches itself to the prospect as well.

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Send Events and Tasks to Heap with E-Mail
You're touring down your local farmer's market enjoying the sights when, to your surprise, one of your leads walks right past you. Now, you just can't get a meeting with this guy; so you tap him on the shoulder and setup a meeting, flip out your blackberry and send it to heap.

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Create New Leads, Opportunities, Customers and Archives with E-Mail
You are on a plane yet again. You start talking to the gal in the next seat; you find out she's perfect for the type of homes you currently have in your inventory. Right there, you open up your mail application enter in information you have so far and press send. If the plane has wifi the E-Mail gets sent out right then, allowing your sales team to start working on this new lead right away. But if it doesn't, no worries, it will go out the moment you have Internet access again.

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Import E-Mail into Heap
You were an E-Mail maniac in the airport, but on some of the messages you forgot to CC Heap. No problem, just open up Heap and import.

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Heap Update Time!

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Yes, we have even more useful features and you can take a look at them in this movie. But I want to highlight a few.

First we are releasing a new concept with RSS and iCalendar: Relationship subscriptions. So you've always been able to subscribe to everything or to a particular calendar or particular category. And you still can. But you can now subscribe to messages and calendars based on what they are related to. So let's say I have a bunch of leads, opportunities or customers that I'm responsible for. It's my job to get them to the next stage in the sales process. Well I can subscribe to an RSS feed and be alerted of any new message that relates to one of those prospects. Same thing with events. I can subscribe in iCal (or Outlook 2007 and others) and see every event that relates to one of my prospects.

Secondly, we have new way of monitoring people who are involved in the sales process but aren't actually the prospect. From any person you can see a list of every lead, opportunity, customer or archive that they are involved in. Think about how easy it will be when Jeff the banker calls to know which closing he wants to talk about.

There's more new features to see, including drag and drop calendars, checking off events and running event templates any time you want.

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Heap’s place in the CRM Universe

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Heap is primarily for small business, the market neglected by large CRM software companies. This results in a few assumptions about our customers:

  • You trust your users (employees)
  • You would prefer simplicity over complexity
  • You may need this product on a variety of computer systems (small businesses tend to have more heterogeneous environments)

If you don't trust your users, you should look at NetSuite. If you need a seemingly endless number of features, you should look at SalesForce.

Heap will never lock an user out of the majority of the application and it will never have as many knobs to twist as SalesForce. While we are always refining Heap, there are some core principals that we will never violate. If this sounds like software that would help your company, then welcome to the Heap CRM platform, let's have a look around.

Heap Manual / Development Schedule / New Features

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

In response to our survey results we have adjusted our development schedule. First, we are working on education. That starts today with the release of the Heap CRM manual. But we aren't just announcing a manual we are announcing the manual podcast.

Here's how it works. Click on the "iTunes" button on the main Heap website or click on the link above. Then click "subscribe" after iTunes opens up. This way, any time there is an update to the manual you will get it automatically.

The printed manual will be followed by a series of intermediate level videos building on the introductory video. Each video will also be published in our collection of video podcasts; you can now watch our tutorials on your computer, iPod or even you big screen tv (with an Apple TV). For a complete list of options open iTunes, select the iTunes Store and search for "Heap CRM."

Over the next two weeks you will see videos explaining:

  1. Categories
  2. RSS and Messages
  3. iCalendar and Calendars
  4. Importing and Exporting data with Heap
  5. A Detailed look at Search

This will be followed by a week of small enhancements including:

  1. The ability to check-off (or mark complete) events and tasks
  2. RSS feeds of messages based on the lead, opportunity, customer or archive that it's associated to.
  3. Using Event Templates more then once on a single lead, opportunity, customer or archive
  4. A general enhancement to the way the person page looks

That's when we will get into the major project for the next month: E-Mail. By the end of May, Heap will be able to:

  1. Import E-Mail as Messages (Including Attachments)
  2. Receive E-Mail forwarded to Heap and save it as a Message (Including Attachments)
  3. Create E-Mail Templates, Merge data with Variables and send out Email based on Categories.

If you haven't seen Heap in a while you might want to check back. In the last week we have added:

  • A Google Maps link, so it's nice an convenient when you need directions.
  • A "By Organization" sorting option on people, leads, opportunities, customers and archives
  • Easier importing of data from Apple Address Book with a custom made script (check the help page)